How has your life changed?

"Andrea has been my motivator and guide to fitness for the last 18 years. I first worked out with her in a studio then decided to go to her privately for a few sessions. Fifteen years later, I look forward to my twice weekly sessions. She manages to make each session motivating and challenging mentally and physically. I am amazed at her repertoire of exercises- we rarely repeat an exercise in the same way. She incorporates balance, strength and movement into each work out. Because of the attention she pays to details and the dedication to my fitness, I am stronger and more balanced now than I was 18 years ago. The end result is that I can easily manage all the details of my life and my growing family." GY


"My fitbit loved your workout!"



"Two of the most striking aspects of working with Andrea are her ability to immediately adjust a workout to whatever issue I may bring to it (like stiffness after ten hours of air travel); and
the total concentration she brings to a session or a class, listening carefully, putting our previous experiences together with careful attention to what she sees and hears during that meeting. When I started to work with Andrea, I was 56, and had modest aspirations: to slow my loss of flexibility and strength, and to maintain my posture and balance. Instead, I have improved significantly along all these dimensions. In addition to the physical benefits, this obviously has contributed considerably to my self-confidence and optimism about aging." LK



"I have been going to Andrea for 15 years and highly recommend her.  She is always about what is best for you at that particular time in your life.  She has an incredible way of balancing enough of a push with understanding what your limitations are."  khl


"My Pilates classes with Andrea have been an oasis of positive growth and change.  Whereas elsewhere it sometimes felt like my life was coming apart , with Andrea, I felt like I was always growing stronger.  She is a master at finding our strengths and weaknesses and constantly pushing us to do more.  Even better, her style is consistently supportive, kind, and smart.  And for the first time in my life, I have stomach muscles! "   KC

"My husband and I have been working with Andrea for the past 10 years.  During this time, she has encouraged us and challenged us to push our bodies so that we feel we are maximizing our physical abilities.  She is enthusiastic and frequently revises our fitness program to keep us interested as well as progressing.  Andrea is always professional and is particularly attentive to body limitations and injuries, finding exercises and programs to take individual needs into account.  We highly recommend her." JG