Movement is the fountain of youth and how we feed our body and soul gives us the ability to keep moving.    ZENERGY* will inspire you to move!

 As we enter our 40's, 50's 60's and 70's we can continue working hard, but need to be smarter!   ZENERGY*  is my ZEN or thoughtful approach to movement for functional fitness.  Intelligent exercise for profound results.

 Functional fitness is moving in ways that will enhance life activities.  Running backwards for instance can help improve your backing out of the driveway by practicing moving backwards!  The lunges and squats all help in going up and down stairs, getting out of chairs etc. The pivots and  changing directions improve your proprioception (balance). Proper attention to posture will strengthen the core.   Each time you repeat these movements your body adapts and improves.  I promise!  As a former dancer and dance teacher I have had the fortunate experience to feel wildly passionate about moving and I've created a class experience which is both invigorating and pleasant including attention to proper form with lots of  encouragement.   Starting a new fitness routine is great for stimulating the brain and body by carving new patterns.  

I often hear from my long term clients "It's  easier to stay in shape than to get in shape."   If you set a goal , I can give you the tools to help you develope the habits which will lead you to becoming your best self.

Whether you are dancing, weight training or looking to improve your sport, your  attention to proper technique,  nourishment,  and consistency of practice will produce profound results.  Each teacher I have studied with has made me the vessel to share their knowledge and skills.  Ask yourself WHY am I doing this exercise.  If you don't know, invest in a training session and ask away.  Group classes are an important part of being in a community, but they are also where you practice the skills you are developing with a trainer.

  Senior fitness classes, including chair Pilates ,are offered on location. Contact me.